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Lunarosse (2013)


Lunarosse City, Lunarosse Region

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Zevahn is the chancellor of Corlia and a character in Lunarosse.

Though he looks like a jester, he is more serious than his appearance makes him out to be. He is the most loyal of Corlia's subjects, but he still has a strange air about him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Zevahn is a skinny young man with short, uncontrollable red hair and pink eyes, a detail seen in the face portrait, but not in the in-game sprite. He wears a mask over the right side of his face, black torn clothing that covers his more casual red full-body uniform, some kept on by crimson-red bands, white gloves, and four torn black scarves. His appearance mirrors that of an actual jester.


Zevahn is maniacal, short-tempered, flamboyant, destructive, and cruel. He is a psychopath with no regard for human life or remorse for the atrocities he commits, and finds amusement in the suffering of others. He cracks dark jokes, breaks out into hysterical laughter upon causing mayhem, and hates everything in the world. Corlia seems to be the only person he finds comfortable speaking to, considering her a little sister. Even so, he still finds her annoying and spoiled.


Under all the make-up and jokes, he's quite a remarkable strategist and a powerful spellcaster. He doesn't try to get his hands dirty, leaving most of his battles up to his Cardians or any summoned beast he can conjure up. Should he find himself in battle, he demonstrates he can use some of the most powerful spells available without having a Glyph equipped on his body. His strategies - to him - are easily comparable to that of a card game, labeling each important figure to that of one the three Royal Suits in the 52 card set: Jack, Queen, and King. This is not seen in-game, though.

He's one of few characters to demonstrate a teleporting ability. Others include Sophia and Gerard.


  • Zevahn can be comparable to that of Siobhan from Gemini's other VX project, YouTube Poop RPG: The Quest for YouTube: both are clowns, both use illusions, cards, and Cardians, and are powerful spellcasters. If the player has recruited the non-canon hidden character before reaching the Dreadnought Temple, she reveals in a comedic way that the two are one in the same, at least in-game.
    • Other facts that support this is he sometimes uses YouTube Poop quotes or even using lines from the 2003 movie The Room: "Anything for my princess" is changed to "Anything for my empress". When Corlia asks about Garrett's safety, he says to her "I'm certain he's alright" as though mocking Impa from Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon.
  • He can somewhat be comparable to Dimentio from Super Paper Mario, this was unintended.
  • Gemini confirms he used inspirations from Kefka from Final Fantasy VI for Zevahn's insane prattling.
  • Zevahn's laugh is a recording of Orphan from Final Fantasy XIII, played by Michael Sinterniklaas.

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