"They remain blissfully unaware of our true intentions."

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Lunarosse (2013)


White Sands, Yliandra Region

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Yliandra is a character in Lunarosse.

She is the leader of the faction and the instigator of the war. Though she appears human she's actually a lamia, keeping her snake tail hidden beneath her cloak. She despises Corlia and claims she is nothing more than an oppressor.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Yliandra has the appearance of a blue eyed (red in-game), blue haired (white in-game) woman with the body of a snake. She wears a purple hooded robe that covers her entire body. On the front of the hood is a white eye similar to the Eye of Ra from Egyptian mythology.


Yliandra has both political and personal motivations for opposing Corlia's rule. She is the highest ranking member of the Faction and a powerful shamaness. She is in charge of daily policy and takes strategic command of the Faction soldiers. Yliandra is described as cruel and heartless. She is a cold and calculating sadist who sees herself superior to ordinary humans, whom she views as flawed objects Corlia can use in her agenda despite any loyalty they may possess towards her. As a result, Yliandra easily loses patience when things go wrong, projecting blame on her subordinates and giving desperate orders to regain control. Regardless, she holds high regards for the demi-human race and will sacrifice herself if she must to see to it they are freed from oppression.


As described in her title, she is a powerful shamaness, able to manipulate all forms of magic without the use of Glyphs. She is capable of using a scythe, though her in-game sprite shows her using a staff instead. When she gains control of the Bijelined Dreadnought, she links her soul energy into it to fully use its true power on the world.


  • Yliandra originated from the superhero story Corlia came from. In this story, she was portrayed as the mentor of the heroes and Corlia's ultimate enemy. By the end of the story, after the defeat of her rival, she reveals she needed her dead to begin her plot of universal domination, assuming a giant snake-like form. She met her end after the heroes merge their energies into one to incinerate her.
  • Yliandra's battle sprite and face portrait are Deis from Breath of Fire.
  • Gemini thought about having Yliandra join the Mnemosyne Company, but didn't think this would be a good idea.
  • Yliandra shares a role similar to a main character in the Shin Megami Tensei series that follows the Chaos Alignment, whereas Corlia is compared to one of the Order Alignment.

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