The Williamsville Wrestling Federation Television Championship is a third tier championship. The one rule of the title is that it must be defended on every television show regardless of the situation. Any missed defenses will result in a vacancy. This rule was not enforced by the Extreme Internet Wrestling Federation due to their biased ruling against the Williamsville Wrestling Federation.

Title History Edit

Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
+ Indicates the current reign is changing daily.


# Champion Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes
1 Timothy Becker 1 January 2, 1998 86 Williamsville, IL Friday Night Rare Defeated Darrell Simpson to become the inaugural champion.
2 Gemini Drake 1 March 28, 1998 29 Williamsville, IL WrestleFest
3 Adam Tayeh 1 April 25, 1998 29 Williamsville, IL Whiplash
4 Darrell Simpson 1 May 23, 1998 36 Williamsville, IL Judgment Day
5 Jaime 1 June 27, 1998 29 Williamsville, IL King of the Ring This was a tag team match, involving Heather on Jaime's team and Josiah on Darrell's side.
6 Maxa 1 July 25, 1998 64 Williamsville, IL Fully Loaded
7 Brian Walsh 1 September 26, 1998 29 Williamsville, IL Unforgiven
8 Virginia Wilham 1 October 24, 1998 28 Williamsville, IL No Mercy
9 Cletus B. Grizzly 1 November 20, 1998 37 Williamsville, IL Friday Night Rare
10 Mike Lazoen 1 December 26, 1998 42 Williamsville, IL Armageddon This was a no disqualification match.
11 Hades 1 February 5, 1999 51 Williamsville, IL Friday Night Rare
12 Mike Lazoen 2 March 27, 1999 29 Williamsville, IL WrestleFest II
13 Hades 2 April 24, 1999 64 Williamsville, IL Whiplash
VACANT June 26, 1999 Williamsville, IL King of the Ring Vacated after Mike Lazoen and Paige simultaneously pinned Hades in a triple threat match.
14 Paige 1 July 24, 1999 64 Williamsville, IL Fully Loaded Lazoen laid down for Paige by Mr. McQuality's orders.
15 Hades 3 September 25, 1999 Williamsville, IL Unforgiven This was a six-person tag team match that saw the WWF Tag Team Championships on the line. Hades teamed with Ted Hawkins & Sean Bull and Paige teamed with Top-Hat Tom & Hollerhaur.
VACANT December 3, 1999 Williamsville, IL Friday Night Rare Director of the Board Richard Spenn declared all titles vacant in order for the WWF to regain its former glory and give chances to other Superstars.
16 Hollerhaur 1 December 26, 1999 41 Williamsville, IL Armageddon Hollerhaur defeated Hades in the tournament finals.
17 Madam Shoes 1 February 4, 2000 14 Williamsville, IL Friday Night Rare
18 John Pipkin 1 February 18, 2000 79 Williamsville, IL Friday Night Rare
19 Kurt Angle 1 April 22, 2000 42 Williamsville, IL Whiplash
VACANT June 2, 2000 Williamsville, IL Friday Night Rare Kurt vacates the title upon winning the WWF Intercontinental Championship.
20 Stevie Ray 1 June 2, 2000 22 Williamsville, IL Friday Night Rare Stevie defeated DeLong to become the champion.
21 Seitz 1 June 24, 2000 29 Williamsville, IL King of the Ring
22 Alanna 1 July 22, 2000 36 Williamsville, IL Fully Loaded
23 Norman Smiley 1 August 26, 2000 211 Williamsville, IL SummerSlam
24 Matt McQuality 1 March 24, 2001 36 Williamsville, IL WrestleFest IV This was a six-person tag team match with the WWF Intercontinental Championship and WWF Hardcore Championship on the line. Booker T and Ivory were with Norman while they battled Matt, Rambo Mitts, and Mark Little. Matt pinned Norman to win the Television Championship.
25 Hollerhaur 2 April 28, 2001 30 Williamsville, IL Whiplash
26 Adam Tayeh 2 May 27, 2001 <1 Williamsville, IL Judgment Day
VACANT May 27, 2001 Williamsville, IL Judgment Day The championship is vacated after Judgment Day as the WWF is closed down.
27 Fluisa 1 August 28, 2001 8 N/A EIWF Arena The championship was decided during an EIWF show when the WWF took over for a work. This match involved Meredith.
28 John Michael 1 September 4, 2001 1 N/A EIWF Destruction This was an inferno match.
VACANT September 5, 2001 John Michael vacated the championship and left the EIWF.
29 Lyfe 1 September 7, 2001 17 N/A EIWF Arena Originally the match was suppose to be Lyfe vs. Tazz. Raven, an EIWF member, attacked Tazz in the back and stole his spot in the match.
30 Ted Guthrie 1 September 29, 2001 47 N/A EIWF Uprising This was a first blood match.
31 Meeko 1 November 12, 2001 3 N/A EIWF Arena
32 Tazz 1 November 15, 2001 33 N/A EIWF Arena
33 Ashley Sowinski 1 December 17, 2001 36 N/A EIWF Final Countdown The EIWF European Championship was unified with the WWF Television Championship in this match.
VACANT January 21, 2002 The EIWF was shutdown after the entire roster walked out. The WWF reopened not too long after its closure.
34 Rob Van Dam 1 January 21, 2002 53 Williamsville, IL Monday Night Rare Rob Van Dam defeated Zack Degeneres to become the champion.
35 Test 1 March 14, 2002 10 Cleveland, OH Thursday Night Low Down
36 Christian 1 March 24, 2002 23 Williamsville, IL WrestleFest V This was a six-man tag team match. Rob Van Dam and Angel Zoelzer teamed with Christian while Test had Tazz and Ryu.
RETIRED April 15, 2002 Peoria, IL Monday Night Rare New Vice President Angel Zoelzer retires the Television Championship in favor of the WWF European Championship.

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