The Williamsville Wrestling Federation European Championship is a mid-tier championship. It was illegally established in 2002 to replace the WWF Television Championship, but was rightfully brought in during the 2006 reign.

Title History Edit

Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign
+ Indicates the current reign is changing daily.


# Champion Reign Date Days held Location Event Notes
1 Angel Zoelzer 1 April 15, 2002 14 College Station, TX Monday Night Rare Zoelzer illegally disbands the WWF Television Championship and declares himself the first champion.
2 Rob Van Dam 1 April 28, 2002 19 Kansas City, MS Whiplash
3 Ernest Miller 1 May 16, 2002 71 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Thursday Night LowDown
4 Booker T 1 July 25, 2002 830 Indianapolis, IN Thursday Night LowDown Booker T holds the championship after the 2002 hiatus, returning in the 2004 reign.
VACANT October 31, 2004 The title is vacated following the 2004 hiatus.
5 Eddie Hordong 1 November 26, 2006 16 Philadelphia, PA Survivor Series Eddie won a tournament against George Hall to become the new champion.
6 Rufus 1 December 11, 2006 49 Williamsville, IL Monday Night Rare
7 Nate Griffel 1 January 28, 2007 22 San Antonio, TX Royal Rumble
8 Rufus 2 February 18, 2007 36 Los Angeles, CA No Way Out
9 Coco 1 March 25, 2007 16 Detroit, MI WrestleFest VII
10 Ara 1 April 9, 2007 36 Williamsville, IL Monday Night Rare
11 Blake White 1 May 14, 2007 13 Williamsville, IL Monday Night Rare
12 Leppy 1 May 27, 2007 57 St. Louis, MS Judgment Day This was a triple threat match including Gen.
13 C.M. Smokey 1 July 22, 2007 36 Houston, TX Vengeance This was a triple threat match unifying the WWF European Championship with the WWF Intercontinental Championship and the WWF Softcore Championship, including Ara.
14 Stalker Sean 1 August 26, 2007 1 East Rutherford, NJ SummerSlam This match was also for the Intercontinental and Softcore Championships.
RETIRED August 27, 2007 Williamsville, IL Monday Night Rare Sean officially unites the Intercontinental, European, and Softcore Titles into one championship belt.

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