"If there's nothing you want from me, please leave me in peace."

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Lunarosse (2013)


Sherwood Village, Lunarosse Region

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Vicious is a character in Lunarosse.

Mr. Hendrix's most prized possession. He escapes early in the story and it's up to the Bahrmuel Guild to locate him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Since Vicious is a Cheshire, his features closely resembles those of a tiger, including the long, striped tail, clawed feet, yellow hue and furry, pointy ears. He is clad in puffy blue pants, in conjunction with a dark-blue vest displaying a defined abdomen. His hair is the same shade of yellow as his skin and pointy, and he wears bandages around his hands, feet and as a bandanna.


Vicious is a silent person, always keeping to himself, and isolating himself from others. He has a strong distrust toward humans, since he's been imprisoned by one for most of his life. He yearns for the day he'll be free and be able to escape the world of humanity forever. However, he doesn't want to leave his Cheshire brethren behind, showing strong compassion toward them. After joining the Mnemosyne Company, he grows more trusting toward humans and more outgoing.


Since Vicious is not seen much in the game, it's unknown what all he has to offer. He is extremely agile and strong, since he's able to escape custody on more than one occasion.

How to RecruitEdit

The following must be done to recruit Vicious:

  1. After Abel and Marina's attack on Sherwood Village, release Vicious from his cage.
  2. Recruit Briea
  3. Speak to Vicious in Sherwood Forest and ask him to join.


  • Vicious' appearance is heavily inspired by Rei from Breath of Fire III.
  • According to Phillip's report, Vicious can play guitar. This isn't seen in-game.
  • There was suppose to be a more detailed story between him and Briea, but this was scrapped when Gemini didn't think Briea was going to join the party.
  • Vicious was going to be a playable character, but Gemini got lazy in the character development department. Idiot.

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