"You might think this is dumb, but... When I'm here, I feel like I can be the person I want to be. The person that he might notice one day."

Real Name:

Laura Krohn


"Last Word"

Player Name:


User Name:





Allentown, PA



Laura Krohn is one of the main characters in the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. Her Player Name is Vericci and her User Name is VericciLore. In-game, she uses the Priestess Job Class.

Laura attends the same university as Marino Donahue and Darwin Croft, frequently trying to hang out with them whenever she gets the chance. She's on the Student Body Committee, making it seemingly difficult to be able to have a social life. She has a kind and gentle demeanor about her, making her popular among the students. Her dream is to one day be able to date Marino, falling for him hard since their second semester together, yet can't find the words to say to him.

She started playing the "Last Word" MMORPG by suggestion of some of her fellow classmates, telling her it could possibly help her boost her confidence. Upon entering in the Alpha Sector with the other newbies she felt a certain connection to the players Revelin and Riordan, not knowing they are actually Marino and Darwin in real life. Despite being a newb, she's quite skilled in the healing arts the Priestess class has to offer. She's not one for battle, having joined the game to make new friends and build up her confidence. Laura mainly confeits her secrets to her teammate, Amara, to whom she formed a strong bond with the second they partied up with each other.

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