Vann Donahue

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Vann Donahue


"Last Word"

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Northbrook, IL



Vann Donahue is a non-playable character in the RPG Maker VX Ace game Last Word. He is the older brother of Marino Donahue and is a vital role in the game's events.

Growing up as children, Vann and Marino were practically inseparable. He was the one who taught his little brother everything he needed to know: literature, some science, and how the world works. At a young age, he was gifted with superior intelligence. He was able to graduate from college at the age of thirteen. Because of his intelligence, he never had a chance for a normal life, and was constantly thrusted into the life his father wanted him to live. One day, an accident took their parents' lives and the two brothers were left by themselves without any living family members to care for them. Vann did his best to raise his brother. Before Marino knew it, he, too, disappeared from his life.

Years later, as Marino enters college, he receives a copy of the MMORPG Last Word with a mysterious letter that says the truth of Vann's whereabouts lie within the game.

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