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"Trust no one. Not even me."

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"Last Word"

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Twist - real name unknown - is a playable character in the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. He plays the Cardian Job Class and is an expert hacker. He is known in the Last Word setting for antics causing world wide confusion, hilarity, and sometimes as a catalyst in bringing problems to the fore and wiping them out. He has managed to undermine nearly every rule in the user agreement and still not get banned for life. Often, those that suffer a glitch seek Twist out to restore lost data or modify their gear. Rarely malicious, Twist has been seen to defend new PCs on the field. His jokes can be cruel, but usually lead to a revelation. It is believed that he is Beta status, but with his skills in computers, it is unknown how old his Avatar is or how long he has actually been playing (or if he has other identities for that matter).

H00CHIE MAMAS, a Guild within the game setting that are known for their over active cyber sexuality, consistently target Twist for his infamous Nudity Code, enabling him to appear naked, which is supposed to be impossible by the game's censor coding. Every so often Twist can be seen streaking across the Commons Area, sometimes the H00TCHIEs hot on his heels.

Twist appears as an androgynous, pale, elf-like creature. He is of wiry build, but elegant. His effervescent eyes are heterochromatic (left eye is green while his right eye is blue). Sometimes these colors change according to his mood. His hair appears black in low light, coming into a raven feather array of colors in the light. The most prominent color is violet or purple. His garb is usually skin tight yet flowing with sashes in sometimes vibrant colors.

Twist has been known to leave messages in the Commons area advertising his skills in near mercenary fashion, the notes signed with a chromatic blue butterfly. Sometimes he leaves notes revealing dirty secrets of various players, unable to be deleted.

He is also known as the best Cardian in the game.

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