Toreador and Feebi
Toreador with Feebi



Date of Birth:

circa 2006-2007

Date of Death:

November 1, 2012


Last Word (???)

Toreador was Gemini Drake's dog from 2009-2012. He was a corgi-pug-and possibly chihuahua mix breed, pound puppy, and a rescue. He was saved on his last day in the pound by his older sister in 2007. He became the adopted brother of the other family dog, Feebi, who at first didn't get along with her or anyone in the family for the longest time. He was believed to have been abandoned and got into numerous fights with other dogs that ended up scarring his nose, breaking his tail, and possibly wounding one of his back legs. He was known for his high leaps when he was happy to see people (or if anyone mentioned "walk", "outside", "bombs in the sky"), standing and walking on his hind legs, being cuddly, and loving.

He became involved in Gemini's stories he told his younger brother in 2008 as a supporting character. He didn't have a unique ability until he trained under Feebi. He could shoot a laser from his front paws if he stood up - much like his teacher before him - but because he can stand for a long period of time the beam gets weaker. Eventually he obtains Okami powers from Amaterasu, using his "paint brush tail" to use the Celestial Brush techniques.

In 2012, Toreador became seriously ill. He was taken to a vet - not a very good one - and was told he had the flu. For a while, he showed signs of improvement. On November 1, 2012, Gemini was with him in his last minutes unknowing that morning would be the last day he'd have with him. He was meant to play a role in Lunarosse as Noel Warhol's dog companion but a proper sprite was not made yet.

His role in the stories changed to where he became the heroes' guardian angel assigned to them by "Macho Man" Randy Savage, still using his Celestial Brush techniques. He is later revealed to be the true master of Feebi's Amaterasu zanpaku-to as he could never hear its true voice in his former cowardly state.

R.I.P. Toreador. We miss you, buddy boy.

Last WordEdit

Toreador has been confirmed to appear in the RPG Maker VX Ace game Last Word. In this title, he appears a wandering A.I. who shows up in numerous areas the party goes to. Eventually, he serves as the recorder of their achievements/trophies and can grant them new items and equipment if given a proper password.

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