Sylvia Server
Sylvia-face by Mercuralis
"That was a great thing what you did for the merpeople."

Real Name:

Sylvia Server


Lunarosse (2013)


Sabatini Village, Sabatini Region

Main Weapon:




Sylvia Server is a character of Lunarosse.

A feared pirate queen. Even though she is just that, a pirate, Sylvia acts as a defender of the merpeople should anyone wander into their waters with ill intent. She will not state why she cares so much for the sea dwellers, but it does have something to do with her troubled past.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sylvia has long red hair (appears pink in her in-game sprite) that travels down to the base of her spine and brown eyes. Her famous attire makes her resemble that of a stereotypical pirate: a white silk peasant's shirt, brown pants, a red sash tied around her waist, white knee length socks, brown shoes, a black trench coat with gold trimming, and a dark brown pirate's hat.


Sylvia is a spirited and independent-minded character. She has always been fascinated by piracy and life at sea, but she is also revolted by pirates' aggressive, wild nature. She thinks very logically, and is at first skeptical of Placido Escobar when he tells her the Mnemosyne Company is wicked. She shows weakness in her strong personality whenever she realizes she's been taken advantage of, seeing her friends suffer, or when she's face-to-face with Ajagara. Even after declaring herself a pirate queen, she retains her sense of propriety, as well as her loyalty and compassion for loved ones (particularly toward Bruce and the merpeople race).


Sylvia is a powerful and fast fighter who starts with the Storm Thrust skill. While the skill in question is powerful, dealing multiple strikes in a single turn, she has low MP growth to help maintain multiple uses and her magic skills are not as good as a dedicated mage would be. Her technique with a sword is unchallenged by many, and her keen sense of ocean activity makes her a great ally to have on board a ship.

How to RecruitEdit

After liberating Sabatini, place Ouri in the party and speak to Sylvia in the Sabatini Pub.


  • Sylvia was a character in the scrapped project, Inverted Cross. In the story, her role was similar to that in Lunarosse: a tragic past and wanting to help Bruce through his own problems. She was the Virtue of Patience - enemy of Wrath, the de facto leader of the other Virtues, and wielded two chakrams in battle.
  • The original plan was to see Sylvia and her crew save Channing and co. from the Ponaredek attack earlier in the game. This was scrapped for an unknown reason.
  • She shares some traits with that of Kika from Suikoden IV, which was unintentional in development. Both are pirates, both have a troubled past, both care for the merpeople's safety, and both are powerful and swift in combat.
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