Sojourner Vescual
"One of elitnyy status like myself does not answer such bespoleznyy questions like that."

Real Name:

Sojourner Vescual


Lunarosse (2013)


Moroder City, Naumov Region

Main Weapon:




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Sojourner Vescual is a character in Lunarosse.

Second-in-command for the Slave Trade. She speaks in a Russian accent.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sojourner is a young woman with fair skin, medium length blond hair she keeps slicked back, and icy blue eyes with silver glasses. She wears a black camisole with a black collar around her neck, an orange jacket tied up by a black leather belt, olive pants, and black leather knee high boots. Black leather gloves are on her hands. Her sprite doesn't have glasses.

When Sojourner becomes possessed by the Joker Cardian, she wears full body armor colored dark purple. She wears a helmet the shape of a dragon's head that obscures most of her face and sharp spikes extend out of her armor on his shoulders, elbows and calves, to give it an even more draconian look.

After she fully gets taken over, she undergoes a horrific transformation. Her armor retains its purple hue but black under armor is revealed underneath with white rib-like structures wrapped around her abdomen. White spikes protrude from her greaves and boots. Her helmet grows out red wing-like ornaments and giant purple draconic wings grow out from her back. Her right hand closely resembles that of a purple dragon's head with no eyes and a large red spike protruding from its head. Her left hand becomes elongated and huge with long white claws. A long, scaly, purple tail completes this form with white spikes trailing down.


Sojourner is an arrogant, vain, and cold individual with a superiority complex. On more than one occasion, she refers to herself as an elite. She'll sometimes utilize a flirtacious attitude to elude capture, as she does with Llyr when he was suppose to keep an eye on her. Once she has been set free from her mind control, Sojourner becomes calm, patience, and understanding.

Under the influence of the Joker Cardian, and becoming the fake Gerard, Sojourner becomes cold, emotionless, and doesn't hesitate to strike down those she deems insubordinate.


Sojourner is capable of wielding a spear and is very precise about her targets. Aside from battling, she utilizes a tactic to escape capture that involves her spraying a strange perfume on herself. The scent, presumably if still fresh, makes men fall head over heels in love with her. While they're distracted, she'll knock them out and make her escape.

As the Joker Cardian, she possesses the exact same skills as Gerard, albeit weaker versions of them. Once she undergoes the full mutation, her attacks become more violent and dangerous.


  • Sojourner was planned to become a playable character, but was scrapped in favor of Izumi. It's heavily hinted at her recruitment at the end of the "Fourth Grimoire" DLC chapter after Noel speaks with her.
  • It's unknown why she betrayed her mother to the Slave Trade, but it's speculated Creid Maeus played a vital role.

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