"Remember to be good to your pets."

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Sapphire Jerand


"Last Word"

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Glendale, AZ



Sapphire Jerand - also known by her online name Sapphy88 - is a playable character in the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. She plays the Tamer Job Class and uses a spider named Skiffy as her animal of choice.

Something of a quiet child, Sapphire didn't get along very well with other kids growing up. In her teens, her parents suggested her for a job part-time at an animal shelter to help her loosen up. There, she discovered a love of animals and eventually got a degree in animal care and became a vet. This did not open her up a lot, but she became aware of her own lack of openness and decided to try playing MMOs to meet others, albeit indirectly. She rather enjoys them and plays them when she's off of work.

In-game, Sapphire - as Sapphy88 - is a bit more open to others, though she's still not one to start a conversation. She has slowly become more comfortable with joining conversations and adventuring parties, though she is still insistent that her personal tamed creature is not harmed. She has a special interest, possibly even romantic feelings, in the player Scourge who was one of the first to invite her along and got to know her.


  • Sapphy88 was created by Jacob175 of the White Fang Studios, based on an original character of his with the same real name.
  • Sapphy88's design comes from a discontinued project of her creator's, set in a magi-tech world in which she would have played a role not unlike her current one as a magic-user/summoner type.
  • The name of Sapphy88's pet Skiffy is a nod to Blade Kitten, as it is also the name of protagonist Kit Ballard's pet.
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