"These eyes see only the truth."

Real Name:



Lunarosse (2013)


White Sands, Yliandra Region

Main Weapon:

Poison fangs and claws



Rasul is a character in Lunarosse.

The bodyguard of Yliandra. While Lujayn may be the second-in-command, he's always by his ruler's side. Rasul takes the form of a shadow wolf with a venomous bite. It is said numerous times his eyes can only see the truth, making it hard for friend or foe alike to deceive him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Rasul takes the form of a purple furred wolf with piercing red eyes.


Stoic and disciplined, Rasul is the most stringent to the rules than his allies, who either ignores them (Bellahan) or outright disobey and/or rebel against them (Lujayn). Rasul is devoted to the Faction and will gladly go out of his way to help and/or support any member, even if, at times, their respective behaviors cause him frustration. He is incredibly wise and despises anyone who tries to keep secrets from himself or Yliandra. Out of all the members of the Faction, he is the last one to engage in a fight unless he knows his master is personally being threatened.


Rasul's most unique trait is his ability to see past deception and lies with his eyes. It's unknown what exactly he sees when people lie to him, but he's able to spot it instantly. He apparently has the power to undo hexes and curses as he offers to stay behind to break Lujayn of her bloodlust in Vaarn's Fortress. Should he engage in battle, he relies on his fangs, as his bites can secrete a deadly poison that can burn someone from the inside out if not immediately treated.


  • Rasul originated from the superhero story Colia came from. In this story, he went by the name "Lupine" and was instead a mechanical dog companion of "Gogalla"/Lujayn. He served mainly as a back-up attack unit incapable of speech. Should he require the need to speak, he'd use a laser to acquire a voice from whomever he shot. He met his end alongside his battle comrade by the hands of the heroes.
  • Like Lujayn, he was considered to be a playable character and join the Mnemosyne Company, but this was turned down.
  • Gemini once considered having him and Noita later reveal they were one in the same, but this idea was scrapped.

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