Placido Escobar
"Surely you know around this time of year priceless pearls appear there."

Real Name:

Placido Escobar


Lunarosse (2013)


Escobar Estate, Sabatini Region

Main Weapon:




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Placido Escobar is a character in Lunarosse.

A wealthy businessman in the Sabatini Region. Escobar makes his living selling and trading pearls to the other regions. It was said his wife was killed in a shipwreck and he was one of the only survivors.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Escobar is a middle-aged, aristocratic man with short platinum blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. He wears a white suit, white shoes, and white gloves, though his in-game sprite depicts him wearing a white robe draped in gold patterns. Notable features include a gold mask that covers the left side of his face with a monocle over his left eye.


Despite being the embodiment of wealth and influence in the world, Placido Escobar is a ruthless bigot; he takes great pride in his aristocratic stature, viewing himself as being racially superior to demi-humans and humans alike. He is also a shrewd, opportunistic social climber who was good at controlling others but behind his veneer of respectability, he treated people cruelly. However, he greatly cared for his late wife, risking life and limb to keep her safe. It seems her death had changed him for the worst. He willingly gave up his entire fortune and safety of his people if it meant she could be brought back to life, as he makes such a deal with a man from the Faction. His personality shifts in the undersea temple when he learned her true fate. Upon learning it, he becomes guilty of his choices in his life, but still goes on with his goal knowing there is no turning back if he stopped.


Escobar demonstrates a great deal of magical power during his boss battle in the undersea temple. It's unknown if he has equipped Glyphs on himself, and if he did how many.


  • Escobar was originally a character in the scrapped project Inverted Cross. In this story, he was a young Latino man who hid his face behind a crimson mask, burgundy suit, and was the Vice High Breed of Lust. Should anyone look upon his true face they would fall under his spell. His rival was the Virtue of Chastity, Sonia Klein. He mainly used a gun he concealed in the hilt of his cane.
  • Gemini meant to keep Escobar a despicable individual without any redeeming qualities. Later, when test playing the undersea temple, he knew this wasn't going to happen.
  • It could be possible Nerida is his daughter.

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