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Claire Alberich


"Last Word"

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Springfield, IL



Not to be confused with the YouTube Poop RPG: The Quest for YouTube character, Phoenix Wright.

Claire Alberich - best known by her online name Phoenix - is a playable character in the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. She plays the Alchemist Job Class and is a reluctant member of the Ha Hey Rangers Guild. Within the Guild, she serves as the Blue Ranger with a raspberry slushie motif.

Claire is an active gamer, but not as much as her brother Bruce. School work and other projects come before her entertainment, something she wishes he'd follow. She has a very vivid imagination, making up short stories or items a girl her age wasn't suppose to know until her teens. This led to her creating her own item shop sometime after she joined the MMORPG called "Victory A". As an Alchemist, she can craft as many items or equipment she wants, as long as she has the right materials. The words that come out of her mouth tend to surprise people at points. She has a heart of gold, but a bizarre vocabulary.

Sometime into her play time with Fang, they took on a Quest that called for them killing a strong monster. The Ha Hey Rangers made their presence known as they watched them struggle, trying to combat it for them. Fang told them numerous times not to interfere. Eventually, Phoenix struck a deal with Helmur, the leader, stating if she and her brother could finish the Quest without their help they would leave them alone. If, however, they did have their help they would join their Guild. The terms were accepted, and the duo were doing just fine. Before Fang could deal the final blow, Yumeria - being late to join the other rangers - interfered, claiming they looked like they were in trouble, killing the beast instead. Her interference caused Phoenix to become the Guild's new Blue Ranger and Fang the Red Ranger. She now acts as their Alchemist, crafting their equipment and items should they have the ingredients. Her quote in the roll call is "Cold as ice, blue like the slushie, Ha Hey Blue!"

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