Phillip Landis
"Want the info on your peeps? Let's see what I can dig up."

Real Name:

Phillip Landis


Lunarosse (2013)


Mt. Loptr, Lunarosse Region

Main Weapon:




Phillip Landis is a character in Lunarosse.

Garrett's best friend and spy, Philip provides information about the characters that have been unlocked.

Physical AppearanceEdit

As a Cheshire, Phillip possesses some cat qualities. He has short slick back blond hair and amber colored eyes. He keeps his ears hidden in his hair, and his tail in his pants. He wears a black collar around his neck, a white shirt with a yellow tunic over it, black pants, and brown shoes.


Phillip's basic personality is an homage to fictional detectives. His decisiveness and honed detective intuition make him a remarkable detective even without the help of informants. He wears his heart on his sleeve and lets his emotions get in the way of making the cruel yet necessary decisions that real hard-boiled detectives would have little problem making. Even though his emotions and dedication to the choices that he makes causes him to come to blows with others, there is an affection to their words, and eventually he accepts it as his way of doing things. Despite his flighty exterior Phillip cares deeply about his clients and his friends and will do anything in his power to protect them.


It's heavily implied Phillip is incredibly swift and stealthy. He can gather information on anyone without them even knowing he's in the area.

How to RecruitEdit

After obtaining the tablet from Naamari's cabin and gathering 25 characters, head to the jail in the headquarters main building. Witness a scene between Phillip and Garrett and he'll join. You can find him in Esau's library and ask him for information regarding the other characters.


  • Phillip was unintentionally named after fictional detective Philip Marlowe.
  • According to his report, he was in a band with Garrett.
  • Gemini states Phillp will develop into a more important character in other titles.

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