"I sense a great power within you. Something no ordinary glyph can bestow upon anyone."

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Lunarosse (2013)



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Oracle is a character in Lunarosse.

A voluptous Glyphmistress. Oracle has gained much fame in the Churchill Region and slowly around Lunarosse for her ridiculously sexy features and perky attitude.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Oracle has long silver hair she keeps tied in a ponytail and silver eyes. She wears an elegant silver dress that hardly covers her large cleavage, elbow length silver gloves, and a silver cape. She wears a pair of black high heel shoes. Her bust size is big for a woman her size. She has stated she is a size G, much to the shock of Carmen and Isabelle in the bath house.


Oracle is known to be a flirt, using her sexy body to her advantage at any chance she gets. She can make even the strongest of men bow to her every whim with so much as a wink. When she's not flirting with her customers she is known to be an intelligent woman, knowing everything about the Glyphs more than anyone could ever think of. She carries an air of mystery around her, for she doesn't like to talk too much about herself unless it's in a flirtacious notion. Even then, it's hard to guess whether or not she's telling the truth.


Since Oracle is a Glyphmistress she's able to sell Glyphs to people for a price. She possesses a great skill of magic when she uses them herself, particularly Lightning-based ones. Her physical strength is not so good, so she mainly stays in the background to use her spells for incredible damage. It's unknown if it's a Glyph or not, but she has the power to attract enemies to doing her every whim should she invoke it.

How to RecruitEdit

After liberating the Churchill Region, head to West Churchill's Glyph shop. Speak with Oracle and ask her to join. Should Sophia be in the party, she'll add a little more dialogue to the scene. She opens a Glyph shop in the headquarters.


  • Oracle is based off of Jeane from Suikoden. Both have silver hair, both have shops that sell Glyphs - in Oracle's case - and Runes - in Jeane's case - and both are very flirtacious.
  • Isolde from Last Word shares many traits with her as well, but it's unknown if the two are the same person.
  • She appears to have some kind of connection to Sophia, yet Sophia claims they've never met before.

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