Night Terror
"You were a fool to have opened that door..."

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Lunarosse (2013)



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The Night Terror is a secret boss in Lunarosse.

A man shrouded in mystery and a black hooded cloak. Wherever he goes, death and obliteration follow him. He states he is the destroyer of worlds and is an incredibly powerful warrior.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Night Terror's initial appearance reflects that of the Grim Reaper. He wears a hooded black robe, and appears to be wearing a black shirt, pants, gloves, and boots underneath. His face is covered by a white expressionless face with a golden border around it, a purple gem in the forehead, and two holes for eyes. His eyes appear to be glowing blood red.


He is devoid of emotion, psychotic, and sadistic. He gets pleasure by causing others pain and suffering. Should he kill anyone it's merely out of fun to him. Every death he causes is followed by a sickening, hollowed laugh. He lacks empathy and mercy, such as having no hesitance to take many lives. He displays a great love for battle and slaughter. He believes his sole purpose in his existence is to destroy every world he visits. Why he believes this is entirely unknown, much like his background.


Night Terror has superhuman strength and endurance that allowed him to challenge Channing and the Mnemosyne Company. His skills with the scythe are unchallenged by everyone he's encountered. With swift reflexes and intense magical abilities, he can easily bring down the strongest of opponents. His very presence is enough to cause Eris to quake with fear. He possesses powerful attacks amplified by his scythe, and he seems to be able to mimic other people's unique attacks such as Xanatos' Endless Ordeal, Vaarn's Inevitable Blade, Noita's Heavenly Drops, and Gerard's Liar Smile. It's unknown what else he's capable of, but it's best to avoid him should he be in the area.


  • The Night Terror's laugh is a recorded sound byte of Johnny Yong Bosch's Hollow Ichigo from Bleach.
  • Eris is the only person so far who can ward the Night Terror away from the world he's trying to invade, but she can only do this if he has been weakened or distracted.
  • It took Gemini over 20 tries in test plays to be able to defeat the Night Terror. He is by far the strongest opponent he's ever made.
  • The Night Terror's battle theme is a rock remix of "Proof of Blood" from Castlevania: Circle of the Moon by bLinD.
  • It's unknown if the Night Terror will reappear in any other titles, but one should always be on the look out for this madman.
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