"Some winged one I am. I can't even fly past the mountains."

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Lunarosse (2013)


Koraat Forest, Churchill Region

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Nalhir is a character in Lunarosse.

A red winged demi-human. Nalhir has always lived his life in hiding because of his appearance. Since the Churchill Region is low tolerant of his race, he has taken refuge in a cabin in the woods. Despite having wings, he can't seem to use them.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nalhir's most prominent feature is his large feathered wings, which are the same shade of red as his hair. He wears a gold-colored collar around his neck with a large golden beaded necklace with blue stones. He wears no shirt, wears brown gloves and dark blue trousers with a brown belt, and brown leather shoes.


Nalhir takes his responsibilities very seriously, particularly his duty to guard Naamari's cabin while he's away. Though he doesn't show it, he has a fear of humans and will stray from them should they try to come close. This is due to the Churchill's low tolerance for demi-humans, thus he keeps himself hidden at all times. He yearns to fly away and touch the sky, but doubts himself in his ability to use his wings. After joining the Mnemosyne Company, he becomes slightly embarrassed of his bareness, yet no shirts can be made to hide or support his wings.


Nalhir's physical strength and speed are nearly unmatched by the other party members, but he lacks in the magic department. He is by far the best spear user in the game, besting Noel and the Tierkreis, but only to be outdone by Llyr. Though he has wings he states he can't fly. This might be from doubt or he is serious about not being able to use them.

How to RecruitEdit

After liberating the Churchill Region, head to East Churchill. On the cliff where you met both Icas and Isabelle, you'll find him roaming around. Speak with him and ask him to join.


  • Nalhir appears to be based off of Llyud from Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Even though Gemini has never played the game, he is greatly familiar with the characters.
  • Even though Nalhir can't find appropriate clothes to cover his upper body he's still able to equip armor. This might be only exclusive to the game, because it has been noted how nothing can either hide or support his wings.
  • It was originally planned that Nalhir and Lujayn were both suppose to be members of the winged race, the Raptors, but Gemini scrapped the idea in favor to keep Lujayn her own person. Stupid.

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