"You've only yet to see the calamity I can bring!"

Real Name:

Sean Penman


"Last Word"

Player Name:


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West Newbury, MA



Sean Penman, also known by his online name Naeratus, is an antagonist of the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. He plays the Assassin Job Class and is the second-in-command of the VENDETTA Guild.

Naeratus is a dangerous computer hacker and is never seen without his cryptic grin. Everywhere he goes, disaster strikes. He worships Glyphsunder like a god, and goes as far as to help him spread viruses throughout Verasia. He's a classic example of a sociopath, holding no value for his fellow player, and purposely kills them like his idol before him. No matter how many times he's threatened with ban and deletion he somehow bypasses security protocol to keep himself safe. He views Marino and the UNITY Guild as a main threat to his god's operation, often breaking away from VENDETTA's current missions to deal with them personally. He usually ends his threats and eerie words with an annoying laugh that could give a stereotypical astmatic nerd a run for their money.

It's unknown how he acquires the virus Glyphsunder uses. He mainly uses it to create the Inverted to ward off any opposition or for his own personal amusement.

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