"We are survivors of the White Sun."

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Lunarosse (2013)


East Churchill Forest, Churchill Region

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Naamari is a character in Lunarosse.

The assigned ambassador to try to arrange peace between both Yliandra and Lunarosse. His actions will decide the fate of the world.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Naamari has green eyes and short silver hair with spiked bangs at the front. His golden mask conceals the top half of his face. How he looks like without the mask is unknown. He wears a white coat with wide black collars, white trousers, and black boots. Printed on his bright outfit are golden lines. On his hands are gold markings that could be tattoos or Glyphs.


Naamari has a charming personality, making him popular with men and women alike. He is a mostly a wise, powerful and knowledgeable individual which grants him great respect amongst Lunarosse and the White Sands. He takes this respect and position with great pride and does not tolerate disrespect of any kind.


Though not seen in-game, it is heavily implied Naamari is a powerful magician. This feat is recognized not only by Corlia, but by Yliandra as well. Interestingly enough, he seems to be someone other than Noita who can silence Abel during his fits.


  • Even though Naamari's role in Lunarosse is extremely brief, he still played a vital role in the movement between both the Empire and the Faction.
  • Him knowing Yliandra right off the bat indicates the two may've had a relationship of some kind.

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