Marino Donahue
"These MMOs are such a waste of time..."

Real Name:

Marino Donahue


"Last Word"

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Northbrook, IL



Marino Donahue is the main protagonist of the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. His Player Name in the MMORPG is Revelin from his middle name, and his User Name is MDonahue21. While in game, he uses the Warrior Job Class.

Years prior to the events of the story, Marino was the youngest of two children in his wealthy family. However, a fire destroyed their home, and killed his parents. Only he and his older brother, Vann, survived. The two vowed to stay together no matter what. This promise was broken when Vann vanished without so much as leaving a note indicating his whereabouts, leaving Marino to fend for himself. Ever since, he's had trust issues, feeling that anyone he tries to get close to will eventually walk out of his life. Using his inheritance, he was able to enroll in a university with a scholarship in basketball. His only known friend is his dormmate, Darwin Croft, the local techie and video game player. He doesn't want to get himself involved in video games or computers for he feels they're a waste of his time. Every now and then he'll get lost in one, but only for a short amount of time.

One day, he receives a package from an anonymous sender that included a copy of the "Last Word" MMORPG, a pair of its Virtual Reality Goggles, and a note that reads "If you wish to learn of your brother's whereabouts, you'll find him in Verasia." At first, he thought it was a ploy by his teammates to play the game. With Darwin's help, and other players, he'll learn there is truth in the strange message, along with other startling secrets the game hides.

He obtains the parasitic and deadly "Inverted" Glyph after his first encounter with Glyphsunder, a Glyph that will drain his life every time he uses it. It's unknown what will become of him should the infection within it spreads throughout his body.

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