Joyce Fairweather
"Want to rearrange your party?"

Real Name:

Joyce Fairweather


Lunarosse (2013)


Sherwood Village, Lunarosse Region

Main Weapon:




Joyce Fairweather is a character in Lunarosse.

She is the mother of Apollo Holland and has known Noel Warhol since he was little. Currently, she owns a small restaurant in Sherwood Village that usually supplies food to the Bahrmuel Ranger Guild should they request it. Though she can come off as a cross woman she's very popular with the customers for her upbeat attitude. She plays the role of the head tactician later in the adventure.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Even though Joyce is close to 60 years of age, she has the appearance of that of someone in their late 30s. This might be due to the world's magic of preservation. She has long brunette hair she ties in a braided ponytail and natural yellow hazel eyes. Her usual attire consists of a short sleeve white shirt with a short v-neck collar, a purple sleeveless vest, purple scarf, and a long white skirt. Underneath that is a pair of long purple pants (not seen in-game) and a pair of khaki colored moccasins. She usually wears a thin gold necklace and a diamond ring from her recent marriage.


Joyce has a tendency to act young at heart to stay better associated with her comrades. She's often heard insulting and smacking people in a playful matter, and always has a smile on her face. Even though she's a fun person to be around, she has her moment of being a strict, stern, and sometimes bitter woman, a trait that only comes out when she's angry. She demonstrates a great deal of intelligence, hence why she acts as the Mnemosyne Company's lead strategist. She'll resort to having to rely on dirty tricks on some missions, an action she later regrets doing. All-in-all, she acts as the company's mother in keeping everyone together. If anyone has a problem, they usually run to her to get her advice or have a good cry on her shoulder.


Since she has a cafeteria in Sherwood Village it comes to no surprise she's a decent cook. Joyce is better as the strategist, using numerous scenarios to fulfill a mission or a war battle. Though she'd rather be on the sidelines and off the battlefield she won't hide from the action for long. She is crafty with her chakrams, which she uses better in the back row than in close combat. Her skills alone have taught many other people, Garrett being one of them.


  • Gemini Drake based Joyce off his best friend's mother who he considers a second mother to him.
  • Joyce was originally considered to have the leader role of the Mnemosyne Company. This was changed when Garrett's role was changed.
  • There were some players who believed Joyce's weapon was going to be a frying pan. This was in the rough draft, but was thankfully changed in the final draft.
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