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Izumi is a character in Lunarosse.

A strange woman with some connection to Isabelle. She assists in the Dream Collides quest.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Izumi has long orange-red hair and piercing green eyes. She wears a green strapless bustier lined with gold studs and black straps forming a collar around her neck, green bikini bottoms, white disconnected silk sleeves, and green leather open toed sandals. A black headband wraps around her head with a gold medallion in the center.


Izumi appears to be cold and distant, yet more mature and understanding than most of Isabelle's other personae. As her conscience and adult side, she's more serious when it comes to life situations. She doesn't care what happens to her, or to the other personae for that matter, as long as Isabelle is safe.


Izumi is the only other scythe-wielder in the game other than Carmen, proving to be more powerful physically than her. Her magic skills are average, but not as strong as Isabelle's. It's widely stated throughout the Dreamscape chapter that she will one day be the one to erase the other personae. It's unknown how she'll be able to do this, but when the time comes she must be the one to do so. If anyone else does it before her she'll cease to be and Isabelle will be lost forever.

How to RecruitEdit

Izumi automatically joins the Mnemosyne Company after the Dreamscape dungeon is cleared during the "Dreams Collide" chapter.


  • Gemini created Izumi because he was curious what a mature and serious Isabelle would look like and act.
  • Izumi was suppose to debut in another title, but this was changed in favor of a DLC character.
  • It's widely hinted Izumi will return in another title to carry out her promise of erasing the other personae.
  • She's often called "Spider Lady" by the other personae for her ability to sneak around undetected and what her primary role will be.

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