Inverted is a term from Last Word. It refers to the state that befall anyone or anything in the MMORPG infected with Glyphsunder's killer virus. It's currently unknown if Players can become Inverted.


When an NPC, enemy, etc. becomes infected by Glyphsunder's killer virus, they undergo a drastic change. Whatever is infected retain their normal forms, but their personality turns for the worst. One distinguishing feature of an Inverted is their eyes turn pitch black except their irises. Red blood - or whatever color they've been programmed with - streams down their face, as though they're crying. Most beings who become Inverted fall into a murderous bloodlust, even if they were programmed to be pacifists. Should a Player be attacked by them, they will experience real pain, and have wounds appear on their bodies wherever they were struck. Anyone killed in-game will have a mental breakdown or an injury that cannot be repaired.

List of InvertedsEdit

information coming soon


  • The term "Inverted" was originally going to be used for the scrapped project Inverted Cross, the original draft of Lunarosse. In this incarnation, the Inverted were creatures born from human sin. Anyone who falls victim to their malice will experience the same symptoms: black eyes, blood tears, insatiable bloodlust, etc. Depending on the sin in question will determine the color their irises becomes: red for wrath, orange for gluttony, yellow for greed, green for envy, blue for lust, indigo for sloth, and violet for pride. Those who fell under the "envy" or "pride" category were deemed the most powerful.
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