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Lyle Herrick


"Last Word"

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Sarasota, FL



Lyle Herrick - also known by his online name Hordong - is a playable character in the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. He plays the Brawler Job Class and is a member of the Ha Hey Rangers Guild. Within the Guild, he is their Yellow Ranger with a beer motif.

Lyle, in real life, is a chef at a local restaurant. He's usually a grouchy and bitter old man until he gets a taste of beer, converting him into his drunk and outgoing alter ego, Eddie. His Player Name, Hordong, comes from his old Dungeons & Dragons character he played briefly his first and only day in high school. He joined the MMORPG after overhearing his co-workers talk about it. He usually gets drunk before playing, allowing "Eddie" to play in his place. He thought all the Job Class choices were dumb until he spotted the Brawler. Eventually he came across Helmur and Candi, who were advertising for Guild members, and took them up on their offer. He was assigned the Yellow Ranger position, and had an argument with Helmur over his motif. It was resolved when Candi revealed beer is served in Germany's fast food joints. He frequently argues with both Helmur and Yumeria, asking why his outfit doesn't have a skirt when hers does. His quote in the roll call is "I'm the color beer, Ha Hey Yellow!" That's not a typo, that's how he says it.

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