The History of the EIWF is a special YouTube compilation Gemini Drake has put together recalling the days of the EIWF. In each segment, he's interviewed by Jerry "The King" Lawler as they dive into the corrupt history of the company. This was put together by using the Create-A-Story Mode in WWE '13, all while recording it with the Game Capture HD device by Elgato Gaming, and being edited on Windows Movie Maker. Currently, the videos were removed because of technical difficulty, a.k.a. YouTube's copyright laws.

Episode Synopsis
1. "Rise of the EIWF"

The first two episodes of the EIWF are retold by Gemini as all the championships are decided.

Total Run Time: 01:28:22

2. "War"

The events leading up to the August pay-per-view, War, are told next, followed up by the shows that followed. A mysterious group is attacking Psycho's minions, leading him to become paranoid against his own employees.

Total Run Time: 02:10:33

3. "Rebellion"

The Williamsville Wrestling Federation invades the EIWF, and half the roster has joined their side. With Psycho and the Ministry on the shelf for a while, the invading federation decides it's going to have some fun.

Total Run Time: 01:15:50

4. "Uprising, part 1"

Ted Guthrie takes over for Gemini in reliving the EIWF. Events like the WWF Television Title fiasco, the feud for the EIWF Women's Title, Krazy Kid and X-Pac's feud, and more are covered in part one of the reliving of the EIWF's September pay-per-view, Uprising.

Total Run Time: 01:41:07

5. "Uprising, part 2"

Gemini resumes control over the recap as he tells the events Ted haven't covered. A new threat emerges in the EIWF that is neither Psycho nor Gemini's team. A brutal four-way faction war sparks that will determine the fate of both the EIWF and WWF's World Titles.

Total Run Time: 01:59:29

6. "Death Penalty"

Quite possibly the most embarrassing time to be a member of the EIWF. Gemini begrudgingly tells the story of the month of October and how it nearly destroyed the company.

Total Run Time: 2:00:03

7. "Z-Pac and Leetzor"

The WWF Rebellion resparks anew as Gemini and John patch things up between themselves. Z-Pac begins his quest for the EIWF Title, while the mysterious X-Cutioner carries out his plan to exterminate The Rock for his heinous deeds.

Total Run Time: 1:39:22

8. "Blood Bath"

The events with Z-Pac and X-Cutioner have left the EIWF in near shambles with either EIWF or WWF winning. Both sides take drastic measures to get back on their feet in time for the November pay-per-view, Blood Bath.

Total Run Time: 1:09:18

9. "Final Countdown"

Blood Bath proved to be a complete disaster. Psycho plays favorites in keeping newcomer, Zack Degeneres, the man who destroyed the event, safe from everyone wanting to attack him. The true leader of the WWF Rebellion emerges to propose one final challenge to the EIWF. It all comes down to the December pay-per-view, Final Countdown, and what fate befalls both factions.

Total Run Time: 1:10:32

10. "The Final Days"

Before Gemini can leave the documentary the way it is, he's approached by a shadow of his past to tell the truth on how the EIWF was really destroyed in this finale.

Total Run Time: 1:29:52

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