Himiko Oshiro
"May Ohirume bless you."

Real Name:

Himiko Oshiro


Lunarosse (2013)


Honshu, Izumo Region

Main Weapon:




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Himiko Oshiro is a character in Lunarosse.

The high priestess of the Oshiro Shrine. Himiko possesses the gift to speak and see spirits, even those people have dubbed "imaginary friends." People seek her out to obtain great wisdom.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Himiko has medium length black hair with a red ribbon tied in it and blue eyes. Blue highlites seem visible in her hair, but it could be lighting. She wears a long, red, slightly pleated skirt tied with a bow and a white haori (kimono jacket). In Shintoism, the color white symbolizes purity. She wears short white socks and a pair of waraji (tied straw) sandals on her feet.

When Himiko invokes the power of the goddess, Ohirume, her appearance changes drastically. Her hair becomes completely white while her clothes are replaced with a traditional white kimono with red trimming and marks. Red markings appear all along her body.


Himiko is a kindhearted, positive, and encouraging person. She is very traditional and serious about her duties of being a shrine maiden, doing everything she can to maintain order in the spiritual realm. This is seen when she risks her own safety to scale the volcano, Mt. Aso, to reclaim the statue of Ohirume. She is completely devoted to her faith she is willing to die to defend it.


Since her childhood, Himiko has always been able to communicate with and see spirits. What some would declare their imaginary friend is always a guardian spirit in her books. By conversing with them she can learn what she can about anyone visiting her. She possesses a great deal of divine power, being the only playable character to be equipped with a Resurrection Glyph. In combat, she uses a chain of prayer beads as her weapons, but would rather be in the background invoking her charms. It is through this she has been able to exorcise many demons and foul spirits. She is able to converse with people if they have fallen into a coma as long as she has an item that is important to them or the last one they had touched.

How to RecruitEdit

Before heading to the Bijelined Desert, head to Honshu and speak to Himiko in the shrine.


  • Himiko's "goddess" form mirrors that of Amaterasu from Okami. Gemini states that this is exclusive to the game only, as in any other form Himiko doesn't gain a transformation.
  • Himiko is a crucial element in recruiting Abel, Marina, D-Sensei, BahrmuelHanamori, Alek, and Lauma.

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