"Ha hey!"

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Hal Jerome


"Last Word"

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Jackson, MO



Hal Jerome - also known by his online name Helmur - is a playable character in the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. He plays the Warrior Job Class and is the leader of the Ha Hey Rangers Guild. Within the team, he's the Black Ranger with a hamburger motif.

It comes to no surprise Hal is a fan of the Super Sentai series, or the Power Rangers to American viewers, even if he is in his early 40s. He wanted to create a parody sentai team with a fast food motif, but lacked the creative talent to do it. When he started playing the MMORPG with his wife Candi he wanted to make a Guild based off of them. Once he gained at least three other members, his dream was realized, dubbing his Guild Fast Food Squadron HA HEY Rangers (ファーストフードの戦隊 HA HEY レンジャー). He reveals the "ha hey" is based off his real life catchphrase he uses at the end of most of his sentences.

Helmur made it a rule in the Guild that each "ranger" must not wear their special "ranger gear" unless on a Quest or taking on a Guardian, nor must they tell anyone they are rangers. This proves useless considering their Player Names and Guild are in their profile or hovering above their heads. He denies this whenever someone brings this up. Another rule he made up was before a battle, they must pose and do a roll call, complete with multi-colored explosions. Helmur's quote in the roll call is "Grilled black to perfection, Ha Hey Black!"

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