Hanamori Miyamoto
"Youkoso irasshai mashita."

Real Name:

Hanamori Miyamoto


Lunarosse (2013)


Honshu, Izumo Region

Main Weapon:




Hanamori Miyamoto is a character in Lunarosse.

An attendant at the Aso Bath House. Should she be recruited the HQ will have its own hot spring where many conversations can be unlocked. She's a big supporter of Himiko Oshiro.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hanamori is a young Asian woman with long black hair tied in pigtails with lavender ribbon. She wears a white haori with pink trim, a purple skirt, and waraji sandals.


Hanamori is one of the hardest working attendants in the Aso Bath House, giving all her effort 110% every day. She's very spirited and is courteous to all patrons. She gets excited when Himiko visits the bath house, stating she never gets the opportunity to serve her when she visits.


Since Hanamori's main role is to open the bath house at the headquarters it's unknown what all she can do.

How to RecruitEdit

Place Himiko in the party and stay at the Aso Bath House.

Bath ScenesEdit

There are ten bath scenes the player can access after recruiting Hanamori. These serve as comedic events and have no real impact on the story. The following people will have scenes:

  1. Noel
  2. Milo and Elijah
  3. Joyce
  4. Erika, Nerida, and Sylvia
  5. Oracle, Isabelle, and Carmen
  6. Esau and Tierkreis
  7. Marina and Himiko
  8. Apollo and Icas
  9. Abel, Nalhir, and Ouri
  10. Gloria, Sonia, Carmen, and Erika


  • The bath house scenes were inspired by the bath scenes used in the Suikoden series that serve as comic relief.
  • It's unknown why the Aso Bath House refuses to schedule Hanamori to work when they know Himiko is on the way since she's the hardest worker there.

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