"Trash. It's all trash."

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Glyphsunder is the main antagonist of the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word.

Years prior to the events of the story, Glyphsunder was one of four alpha testers who played the game during its trial period. He was known to be able to figure out most of the puzzles, trials, and quests quicker than any other player involved. He later teamed with other players Yorae, Xeneus, and Divain to complete the game's final task: getting to Shangri-la to meet the goddess. They made it to the Omega Sector and battled against its Guardian, but before the final blow could be dealt the game crashed.

When the game finally hit shelves, it was no surprise the four legendary Alpha Crash Survivors would play again to complete their previous task. However, Glyphsunder had already gotten the Einherjar Job Class, a class made exclusive to those who made it to the goddess. He's not the same player that enjoyed the game years before, dubbing everything about it and the players trash. He can somehow bypass the coding to attack them in towns where they would've been safe, summoning monsters to areas not exclusive to that certain area, and even dealing real damage to the players outside of the game. It becomes apparent that anyone whose HP drops to 0 while fighting him will experience either a mental or a physical handicap they will have to sustain for the rest of their lives. The troll Guild VENDETTA worships him like a god, spreading whatever virus he has within his code throughout Verasia.

After his first encounter with Revelin, the main protagonist, he infects him with a virus that takes the form of the "Inverted" Glyph. The reasoning behind this is unknown as he usually never leaves a victim intact.

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