"Shut the hell up!!"

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Bruce Alberich


"Last Word"

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Springfield, IL



Bruce Alberich - also known by his online name Fang - is a playable character in the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. He plays the Warrior Job Class and is a reluctant member of the Ha Hey Rangers Guild. Within the Guild, he serves as their Red Ranger with a strawberry slushie motif.

Bruce is an active video game player, pushing all school work and everything else to play them. He's nearly inseparable from his little sister, Phoenix, who's always seen by his side in the MMORPG. Unfortunately, Bruce is not well known for being a team player. He has a very bad anger problem, which is easily triggered by the slightest thing. The words that come out of his mouth and his actions are sporadic and uncontrollable when he's enraged. This has resulted in him being suspended for a while after he PKed ten-twenty players that had been harrassing him or Phoenix.

Fang had gotten acquianted with the Ha Hey Rangers when he and Phoenix accepted a Quest. They were having trouble with the monster they were tracking which got their attention, thinking they needed assistance. Fang told them repeatedly they didn't need it, and nearly PKed Helmur and Hordong for their constant involvement. Finally, Phoenix struck a deal with them, stating if they finished the Quest without their help they'd stop bothering them. However, if any ranger helped in any way they would join them. During the fight against the monster, Fang was about to hit the final blow until Yumeria got involved. He was about to PK her, but was immediately halted by the game's security. Since Yumeria had technically assisted them, they had to follow through with their deal. Fang became the Red Ranger, while Phoenix became the Blue Ranger. His quote in the roll call is "Burning red... with anger! Ha Hey Red!"

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