"It's difficult to explain, but I will try my best not to fry your brains."

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Eris is a character in Lunarosse.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Eris has very pale skin, long black hair, and silver eyes. She wears a sleeveless black silk dress with gold trimming and designs and wears a black hooded cloak with similar golden designs. She wears brown slippers.


Eris appears to be omniscient, dropping loose hints as to where Channing and his team are suppose to go or what they're suppose to do. She has a quick wit and a dry sense of humor and can be strict. She gets frustrated when people ask her if she is the same Eris as in the mythology to which she'll snidely answer with a sarcastic remark. She's not afraid to drop a joke or two, as she almost convinces Channing to give Noel mouth-to-mouth to give him the Golden Apple.


A lot of Eris' abilities are unknown. The ones that are are her ability to teleport, much like Sophia, Zevahn, and Gerard. She seems to have a tie to the world of Lunarosse, as she states she only appears to those who she feels are worthy to see her. Those who do means the world she's standing in will fluorish for years to come. She appears to be able to ward away the entity known as the Night Terror, but she's only able to do this if he's distracted.


  • Eris seems to have some kind of a connection to Oracle. She speaks to her like an old friend she hadn't seen in years, and even asks her if she's using a different name.
  • Gemini based her dry sense of humor off of Morrigan from Dragon Age Origins.
  • Eris has appeared in other titles Gemini created either as a secret boss or a vital role in the story. She made her debut in Gemini's first RPG Maker game, Fate, where she served as the final boss wanting to throw the world into everlasting chaos by the request of the game's main antagonist.
  • Eris is slated to return in other titles. It's unknown what her role will be.
  • Though Eris appears fearless, she shows signs of hesitation and fear when the Night Terror's chamber appears in the Abyss of Time.
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