Erika Wells
"Any medical advice I can give you?"

Real Name:

Erika Wells


Lunarosse (2013)


West Churchill, Churchill Region

Main Weapon:




Erika Wells is a character of Lunarosse.

An expert medic. Erika always has a way to heal most injuries and illnesses without so much as reading a book. With a single look at a patient she can tell what's wrong with them. Of course, she has to do the usual in asking of their ailment to get a better idea of what she's dealing with. She develops feelings for Apollo when she meets him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Erika is a petite young woman with medium length brunette hair she keeps in a ponytail and blue eyes that are covered by her red rimmed glasses. She wears a white peasant shirt covered by a green coat with yellow trimming, black pants, and black shoes.


Erika is gentle and kind by nature. She is strong at heart, willing to follow Apollo into dangerous situations and stand by him despite his numerous objections. She also takes care of the other party members, encouraging Ouri when he is frightened and forgiving Noel without hesitation. Though not seen very often in-game, Erika can be naive to most people, a trait she tries very hard to work on. She can get emotional whenever a situation comes up that involves her friends or patients, voicing her opinion loudly to get her point across. She's hesitant to strike others, becoming queasy at the sight of blood, gore, or corpses.


As she is a doctor, Erika's stats are weighted in magic. Though despite that, she is an adequate physical attacker. She's quite the physician, being able to know exactly what her patients are suffering from - or not, depending on a few cases. She even knows how to cure them without so much as reading a book or thinking about it like most doctors would. It's not mentioned in the game, but she can read books at an alarming fast rate. She makes her own medicines that she's willing to sell to the party after she joins the Mnemosyne Company. She's skilled with daggers, but hesitates to use them since she follows the oath of "heal, don't kill".


  • Erika is based off of Gemini's best friend's wife, a very kind and courteous young lady. Though not a doctor in real life, she does work for a medical insurance company.
  • Though not intended, Erika shares some traits with Rosa from Final Fantasy IV: both are excellent healers, both are devoted to the ones they admire, and both act as a voice of reason among their groups.
  • When Erika joins the team there is no mention of her doing so. This is a nod to the Suikoden series that has has certain party members join without a signal.
  • Originally, Erika's appearance was going to be based off Emilia from Suikoden II, but this was scrapped due to an improper face portrait. Though her sprite has glasses, her portrait doesn't.

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