EIWF War is the EIWF pay-per-view held in August, with the stipulation of every title being held in a different gimmick match - i.e. ladder, cage, Hell in a Cell, etc. Since only one War was made, this is up to speculation by the participants of the event.

EIWF War 2001Edit

  • Date: August 12, 2001

The setting for War 2001 starts with Psycho betraying the roster by siding with the new EIWF Champion, The Undertaker, and his Ministry of Darkness. After Undertaker and Kane willingly surrender the Tag Team Championships to Faarooq and Bradshaw - the Acolytes - D-Generation X decides it's time to fight back. Led by European Champion, Shawn Michaels, D-X - Billy Gunn, X-Pac, and Road Dogg - battled the Ministry without restraint. Others who fought against Psycho's rule were Gemini, Max Turner, and Submission Champion Kurt Angle. Because of their insubordination, Psycho made a match that featured those three against the Acolytes and Kane, with the stipulation that whoever got a submission victory in the match would become the new champion. Shawn Michaels was booked to defend the European Title against newest Ministry member, Chris Benoit, and rebel Slappy. Michaels was injured before the event took place, thus Psycho made him forfeit the title to Billy Gunn. Billy was to face The Undertaker for the World Title in a Hell in a Cell match.

Psycho wouldn't go unpunished for his betrayal. Former EIWF Champion, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin returned to exact his revenge. Their match was to be for the Intercontinental Title in a ladder match. Meanwhile, Psycho's twin brother and Light Heavyweight Champion, Krazy Kid, was challenged by both X-Pac and Jared Matulevich. In another feud, newcomers Scott Whiteman and Ivory - both disgusted by Psycho's rule - were put against Ministry supporters Hades and Meredith. To make their match interesting, should Meredith lose she was to be put through a table.

# Result Stipulation
1 Chris Benoit def. Billy Gunn (c) and Slappy Triple Threat match for the EIWF European Championship
2 Chris Jericho def. Raven (c) Hardcore match for the EIWF Harddcore Championship
3 Gemini Drake, Kurt Angle, & Max Turner def. Faarooq, Bradshaw, & Kane Six-Man Tag Match for the EIWF Submission Championship
4 Krazy Kid (c) def. X-Pac and Jared Matulevich Triple Threat match for the EIWF Light Heavyweight Championship
5 Scott Whiteman & Ivory def. Hades & Meredith If Meredith lost, she must be put through a table
6 Psycho (c) def. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin Ladder match for the EIWF Intercontinental Championship
7 The Undertaker (c) def. Billy Gunn Hell in a Cell match for the EIWF World Championship
  • 1 - Tazz challenged Chris Benoit for the European Title backstage after the match. Benoit responded by attacking him with a pipe.
  • 2 - A Women's Title match between Fluisa and Christina Ittner was suppose to take place after this match, but was called off. Fluisa was searching for someone who had been harrassing her for her appearance, carrying a flamethrower with her. She shot Chris Jericho by mistake, an accident that was forgiven. However, Psycho dubbed Fluisa a threat to the company and fired her on the spot, rewarding Christina with the title.
  • 3 - Because Gemini scored a submission on Faarooq, he became the new champion.
  • 5 - As part of the stipulation, Scott and Ivory put Meredith through a table.
  • 6 - Slappy stole Psycho's title after the match. Rather than go with the storyline, Psycho had Slappy arrested and fired.
  • After the show, Gemini confronted Psycho on the two firings. As predicted, Psycho fired Gemini and gave the Submission Title back to Kurt Angle.

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