EIWF Final Countdown is the EIWF pay-per-view event in December. This is believed to be the company's biggest show of the year, but since there was only one, it's up for speculation.

EIWF Final CountdownEdit

  • Date: December 16, 2001

Following EIWF Blood Bath, Gemini Drake and John Hawley - both infuriated by what had happened - bring in former WWF owner, Mr. McQuality, as the true leader of the Rebellion. McQuality calls out Psycho to finally end the war between the two factions to decide the fate of the EIWF. In order to do so, every title must be on the line, whether it be in a unification bout or to determine who stays. Of course, Zack Degeneres believes he should be in the World Title Unification Match, but the Rebellion and EIWF roster know otherwise. Psycho nulls the 24/7 rule on the Hardcore Title and forbids anyone from attacking Zack, but the Rebellion couldn't care about this. McQuality and Psycho agree to have an owner vs. owner match to decide who will run the EIWF.


# Result Stipulation
1 Kurt Angle def. Psycho (c) via disqualification EIWF Submission Championship Match
2 Krazy Kid def. X-Pac Unification Bout for the EIWF Light Heavyweight and WWF Cruiserweight Championships
3 Christina Ittner (c) def. Lita, Doris, Meredith, Ivory, and Paige Six-Pack Challenge for the EIWF Women's Championship
4 The Hardy Boyz def. Gemini Drake & John Hawley Unification Bout for the EIWF and WWF Tag Team Championships
5 Zack Degeneres (c) def. The Rock and Madam Shoes EIWF Hardcore Championship Match
6 Ashley Sowinski def. Tazz Unification Bout for the EWF European and WWF Television Championships
7 Hades def. Billy Gunn Unification Bout for the EWF and WWF Intercontinental Championships
8 Kronic def. Shawn Michaels Unification Bout for the EIWF And WWF Championships
9 Mr. McQuality def. Psycho
  • 6 - Zack attacks Tazz during the match
  • 7 - Hades reveals to be a member of the WWF Rebellion following his victory
  • 8 - Zack attacks Kronic and Shawn after the match. Gemini comes out and the three beat him down in a cage.
  • 9 - McQuality surrenders the invasion, but still wants his match against Psycho. Had he not surrendered, McQuality would've became the owner of the EIWF.

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