EIWF Destruction was a one-time Williamsville Wrestling Federation - WWF - pay-per-view for the EIWF. The event was held on September 5, 2001, approved by the commissioner Mick Foley as a chance to show the crowd what the WWF is all about. Since half the EIWF roster were WWF alumni, this was their chance to shine without the darkness of The Ministry or Psycho to ruin them.

  • Date: September 5, 2001


# Result Stipulation
1 X-Pac & Billy Gunn def. Scott Whiteman & Ivory (c) WWF Tag Team Championship Match
2 John Hawley def. Fluisa (c) Inferno Match for the WWF Television Championship
3 Max Turner & Meeko def. Chris Jericho & Krazy Kid
4 Mark Little def. Ron Popeil (c) WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
5 Gemini Drake (c) def. Rob Van Dam TLC Match for the WWF Championship
  • 4 - Mark revealed himself to be a member of the WWF Rebellion after pinning Popeil in three seconds.
  • It was reported after the event Gemini had a meeting with Psycho. During this meeting, Gemini agreed to have the WWF stay in the EIWF as part of a storyline, even though they were going to branch off into their own federation. John left the company and forfeited the Television Title.

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