EIWF Death Penalty is the EIWF pay-per-view event in October.

EIWF Death Penalty 2001Edit

  • Date: October 15, 2001

After EIWF Uprising, the WWF Rebellion seemed to fade away into obscurity. This was a time in the EIWF where it seemed like the federation was going to die from a lack of roster participation and storyline. Psycho - being desperate for attention - created two new personas for himself: Psycho Beast - him with face paint on - and Bugs Bunny - him wearing a Bugs Bunny costume. Krazy Kid assisted in his insanity wearing an Elmer Fudd costume. In the midst of his insanity, Road Dogg defeated him for the EIWF Intercontinental Title, with help from the returning Triple H. Madcow - the first EIWF Hardcore Champion - returned to challenge Road Dogg for the title. After an embarrassing defeat to "Bugs" and "Elmer", the Hardy Boyz were given another chance after they threatened to leave the company. In a peace offering, The Undertaker challenged Gemini Drake for the WWF Title, a match that never happened at Uprising. However, Psycho also puts the EIWF Title on the line with Undertaker pulling double duty against The Ultimate Warrior.

# Result Stipulation
1 Psycho def. Triple H
2 Madcow def. Road Dogg EIWF Intercontinental Championship Match
3 Kane & Chris Jericho def. Faarooq & Bradshaw Hardcore Tag Team Match
4 Max Turner def. The Undertaker (c) WWF Championship Match
5 The Hardy Boyz def. "Bugs Bunny" & "Elmer Fudd" (c) EIWF Tag Team Championship Match
6 The Ultimate Warrior def. The Undertaker (c) EIWF Championship Match
  • 3 - This match was made as an intermission to set up the WWF Title match
  • 4 - Gemini was attacked by Kurt Angle in the back and was injured. Psycho names Max as his replacement.

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