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Lunarosse (2013)


Escobar Estate, Sabatini Region

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Desideria is a character in Lunarosse.

Escobar's maid. An air of mystery surrounds this silent beauty.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Desideria has pale skin, medium length turquoise hair tied in a bun, and pink eyes. She wears a black maid's outfit with white apron, white cap, and black slippers.

This, however, is a facade of her true form. In her true state, she retains her human form, but her skin has changed green with darkened vessels and arteries, and chitinous growths covering her body as a form of rudimentary armor. Numerous tentacles spread from her back and continue to regenerate no matter how many are severed.


Desideria is silent, prim, and proper in her human form. When she discards her humanity to become the Ponaredek, she becomes cold, bloodthirsty, and emotionless. All she desires is the flesh of mermaids, believing it's enough to keep her alive.


Desideria has the power to switch between a beautiful woman and her ugly true form of the Ponaredek. As the Ponaredek, Desideria carries qualities of a mermaid, such as being able to breathe and speak underwater. She is lightning fast and precise with her attacks. Each tentacle she produces carries a strong poison that could kill anyone instantly if not treated with a specific herb. According to Nerida, she has some power over song that she used to lure mermen to her side so she could devour them. Her devouring merpeople apparently expands her life force, as she constantly states this while hunting the mermaid princess. It's widely believed if she never eats a mermaid or merman she will die in an agonizing way.


  • Desideria's Ponaredek form resembles Alexia Ashford's first mutation from Resident Evil: Code Veronica.
  • It's possible while she's in her Ponaredek form she doesn't recognize Escobar, as she attacks the party while he's still with them.
  • Ponaredek is a term meaning "false" in the merpeople language and "fake" in Slovenian.

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