D. Sensei

Real Name:

Dennis Helm


Lunarosse (2013)


Honshu, Izumo Region

Main Weapon:




D. Sensei is a character in Lunarosse.

A famous martial arts instructor and former soldier. D-Sensei, as his students call him, has been training many to defend themselves should a big war escalate again. He denounces violence, but will get his hands bloody again if he needs to.

Physical AppearanceEdit

D. Sensei is an elderly man with medium length gray hair he ties up in a knot, brown eye, and a gray goatee. He wears an olive colored kimono, white socks, and waraji sandals.


Taciturn, humble and polite, yet fiercely protective, D. Sensei has no wish to hurt others or involve them in situations where they could be in danger, but is always grateful for assistance. His high standing in Honshu means that he has garnered much respect.


As a martial arts master, D. knows the perfect time to strike his opponents. He can be fast, slow, patient, or completely on the offensive given any situation. It's highly speculated he doesn't rely on Glyphs but his own strength.

How to RecruitEdit

First and foremost, Himiko must be recruited. Afterward, speak with D. in his dojo in Honshu. He'll have you face three rounds of his toughest black belts. If you lose a round, you'll have to start over from the beginning of the gauntlet. Once all three rounds are cleared, he'll join.


  • D. Sensei is based off a real life shotokan sensei who prefers his class call him Mr. D.
  • D. was meant to be a playable character with his own unique skill similar to Sylvia's Storm Thrust, but was cut for unknown reasons.
  • It's possible D. trained Channing and maybe even Apollo in fighting.

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