"You can't stop a real hero!"

Real Name:

Alfred Cavanaugh


"Last Word"

Player Name:


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Cape Cod, MA



Not to be confused with the YouTube Poop RPG character, Captain Cyril.

Alfred Cavanaugh - best known by his online name Cyril - is a playable character in the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. He plays the Paladin Job Class.

Alfred is rumored to be the child of one of the richest men in the world, yet there's nothing that verifies this fact. Every month he receives an anonymous money donation consisting of close to $1000. For most of his childhood, he was rejected by his peers or used by them, calling him a "Golden Child". As he grew up, he wanted to prove to everyone he's his own person and that not everything is handed to him. He joined the MMORPG to better fit in with his classmates, and has managed to win their trust and friendship. Eventually, he bought the Premium Raptor Glyph to help with his combat. With this glyph, he can leap unbelievable heights in a single bound, making his attacks double or even triple depending on the height. If anyone were to ask about him, they'd say he's one of the most trustworthy men they ever met.

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