Cougar Mama

Real Name:

Bertha Butchwood


"Last Word"

Player Name:

Admiral Seiber (real)
Cougar Mama (by everyone)

User Name:





Paducah, KY



Bertha Butchwood - otherwise known by her online name Cougar Mama - is a character in the RPG Maker VX Ace game, Last Word. Her true online name is Admiral Seiber, yet everyone refers to her as "Cougar Mama" for her risque behavior. She plays the Assassin Job Class and is the leader of The Family Guild.

Bertha is a Southern woman who has the characteristics of its stereotype. She has the accent, gun happy, and a high sex drive. Considering her age - she's in her fifties - she's always looking for a "young, hot stud". It doesn't matter if the man she's looking at is an adult or a teenager, if they match her qualifications they are doomed to have her after them. She wasn't much for online games until her niece got her hooked on "Last Word".

At first, she behaved like any normal player, and befriending those who helped her out. She eventually gained a position in The Family Guild, a Guild that was about bringing people in love together. Though she made it seem like she was a loyal member, she was using the other members to help her score a stud. Months later, the original leader had to stop playing due to pregnancy, leaving Bertha in charge. What was once a happy and united Guild was now tainted by her sick obsession over young men. She uses her status as Guild Leader to stalk any man she comes across.

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