Bruce Parker
"Why don't you go get someone more worthy to join your crew? You don't want me."

Real Name:

Bruce Parker


Lunarosse (2013)


Sabatini Village, Sabatini Region

Main Weapon:




Bruce Parker is a character in Lunarosse.

A former blacksmith down on his luck. Years ago, Bruce lost his family in a terrible storm. He never forgave himself for the incident and has since drank himself nearly to death. He has a strong connection to Sylvia Server.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bruce has short black hair he slicks back and brown eyes. He wears a long sleeved white button-up shirt with a red vest covering it, black pants, and brown shoes. The vest has golden trim and golden dragons on each side facing upward. He once had a tanned complexion, but this was lost due to him staying indoors and constantly drinking.


According to Sylvia, at one point Bruce was a devoted husband and father. He was fun loving, outgoing, adventurous, and full of charisma. He is currently characterized as a man who has fallen on hard times following the death of his wife and daughter, becoming lackadaisical and prone to drinking. His depression led him to become anti-social, easily angered, and genuinely inconsiderate toward others. He wants to desperately forget his past, even if it means slowly killing himself. Sylvia is the only person who can get him to stop drinking, if only temporarily.

After Bruce joins the Mnemosyne Company, his demeanor has completely changed to an upright, determined, and morally sound blacksmith. He quits drinking and keeps himself busy with his work.


As a blacksmith, Bruce can forge any weapon possible as long as he has the correct materials. When not working on the forge, his combat skills are great. He fights using claws - though he later adds greaves to his repertoire for his ulimate weapon - and battles in close combat. He has high attack strength, but not so good magical.

How to RecruitEdit

After recruiting Sylvia, place her in the party and speak with Bruce in the Sabatini Pub. He'll give you a Star Chart to get you to leave him alone. Have Icas decipher it and head to Xanatos' Fortress. Head to the throne room where you'll be forced into a boss battle. Collect the treasure it leaves behind and present it to Bruce. If you have Sylvia in the party when you do so, it'll add more to the scene. He'll open a blacksmith in the headquarters.


  • Bruce was originally a character in the scrapped project Inverted Cross. His story is much the same, his family dying and him being driven into alcoholism. He represents the Virtue Temperance, the enemy of Gluttony. In the story, he later forged a relationship with Sylvia.
  • Bruce's design is based off Liu Yee from Lux Pain.

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