"These flowers are a symbol of hope. Hope we may return one day."

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Lunarosse (2013)


Sherwood Village, Lunarosse Region

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Briea is a character in Lunarosse.

A Cheshire flower girl. Briea was hired by Mr. Hendrix of Sherwood Village to grow many flowers for him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Briea is a female Cheshire, thus she has many cat-like qualities. Her hair is long and pink with her pink cat ears visible in it, and her eyes are amber colored. She ties parts of her hair with white ribbon, while she wears a yellow ribbon in the back in a small ponytail. She wears a pink kimono tied up in a blue sash, white socks, and waraji sandals. Her long pink tail protrudes from underneath it every now and then.


Briea is often seen as a lonely and sad girl. Though she enjoys growing flowers and being around them, she feels empty with the fact Vicious is imprisoned in her employer's house and she has always been around racist humans her entire life. She may have some hidden resentment toward humans, but she seems to be calm and approaching toward people like Joyce and Channing. After joining the Mnemosyne Company, she begins to rediscover her happiness and is able to trust others again.


Briea has always been fascinated with flowers and will grow plenty wherever she goes. According to Phillip, she's a good singer, even though she never does it in front anyone.

How to RecruitEdit

After joining the Mnemosyne Company, return to Sherwood Village and speak with Briea. She'll refuse your first attempt at recruiting her, but don't give up yet. Head to the cemetary and speak to the white-haired maid standing in front of one of the graves. Speak with Briea afterward.


  • Briea was originally suppose to sell flower-based accessories to the group that increased their stats. However, Gemini couldn't properly get the "added equipment slot" script to work properly, thus accessories were scrapped.
  • There was originally going to be a more detailed story between Briea and Vicious shown after the first mission, but Gemini didn't think she was going to be a recruitable character until a little bit further into production. Dummy.
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