"There's only one solution to this problem."

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Lunarosse (2013)


White Sands, Yliandra Region

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Bellahan is a character in Lunarosse.

The tactician of Yliandra's army. He never shows his face, nor does he reveal what he is, for his face is always shrouded in a mask. Bellahan is more calm than the other servants of Yliandra. Unlike Lujayn and Rasul, he's a powerful magic-user.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Most of Bellahan's body is covered in clothing, thus no one has seen his true face. From what little is exposed, he appears humanoid with short black hair and blue eyes. He wears a set of white robes similar to that of Arabian fashion, along with a white mask, and a turban with a ruby in the center.


Bellahan is a man shrouded in mystery. He serves as the main strategist for the Faction, able to craft up a plan instantly or to decipher the situation without putting too much effort into his thinking process. He doesn't prefer to get his hands dirty in battle, relying on other demi-humans or demons to fight for him in his stead. He is highly loyal to Yliandra and will do anything to defend her dream of freeing their race. He has a tendency to ignore certain orders if he deems them unworthy of his time.


Being a powerful spellcaster, Bellahan can use any and all elemental-based spells without using a Glyph. He's able to summon demons to fight his battles for him, as he does at least once in the cave under Naamari's cabin.


  • Bellahan originated from the superhero story Corlia came from. In this story, he was a straight up Agahnim rip-off from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, even using the same name and appearance. He served as a monster maker for "Gogalla"/Lujayn and Yliandra. He met his end while fighting the heroes.
  • Bellahan was the only member of the Faction not considered to be a playable or recruitable character.
  • Though he serves the Faction, it's unknown what is so different about him from a normal human. This could be why he wears a mask and covers his entire body.
  • His appearance is based off of Minwu from Final Fantasy II.

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