Atrophyments are certain events in YouTube Poop RPG: The Quest for YouTube that players can access to gain Gamer Score. With the amount of Gamer Score stored up, they can use it to unlock special prizes in Rinnosuke's shop. Listed below are the following Atrophyments one can find throughout the game.

You Saved Me!Edit

Complete the Final Act

  • Gamer Score: 500

Clash of the TitansEdit

Complete the Third Act

  • Gamer Score: 400

Right in the Fuehrer's FaceEdit

Complete the Second Act

  • Gamer Score: 400

Final SpaghettiEdit

Complete the First Act

  • Gamer Score: 250

I Won!Edit

Complete Link's Scenario

  • Gamer Score: 200

Scrub All the FloorsEdit

Complete Zelda's Scenario

  • Gamer Score: 200

Rise of the Evil TraitorEdit

Failed to defeat the Evil King in the First Act

  • Gamer Score: 50

Strange HistoryEdit

Find 1 of the 13 Mystery Reports

  • Gamer Score: 100

The Plot ThickensEdit

Find 5 of the 13 Mystery Reports

  • Gamer Score: 150

Apoopcalypse NowEdit

Find 10 of the 13 Mystery Reports

  • Gamer Score: 200


Find all 13 Mystery Reports

  • Gamer Score: 250

Student Becomes TeacherEdit

Defeat Captain Cyril before leaving for Koridai

  • Gamer Score: 150

What the Hell Is This?Edit

Listen to the obsessed fan boy's rant in Hyrule Castle

  • Gamer Score: 0

Have a HeartEdit

Collect all 28 Pieces of Heart in the game

  • Gamer Score: 300

Now It's a PartyEdit

Recruit all 44 Playable Characters

  • Gamer Score: 350

Support Our PoopsEdit

Recruit all Support Characters

  • Gamer Score: 300

A Meme Rest In PeaceEdit

Defeat Weegee for the final time

  • Gamer Score: 500

Baka, Baka!Edit

Complete Cirno's dance

  • Gamer Score: 100

U.N. Owen Was Her?!Edit

Defeat Flandre Scarlet on Lunatic difficulty

  • Gamer Score: 300

Ran Ran Ru That, Clown!Edit

Defeat Donald McDonald with Flandre in the party

  • Gamer Score: 250


Defeat Poniko

  • Gamer Score: 250

Is That So~?Edit

Defeat Ex-Rumia

  • Gamer Score: 300

I.M. Meen is Not a NaziEdit

Spare I.M. Meen's life after defeating him

  • Gamer Score: 200

You Don't Smell Like ShitEdit

Do not tell Gnorris he smells during your time in the Labyrinth

  • Gamer Score: 100

Mutant Rampage BodyslamEdit

Win all the tournaments in Mutant Rampage Bodyslam

  • Gamer Score: 350

Can You Feel the Sunshine?Edit

Defeat Tails Doll

  • Gamer Score: 350

What An Epic AdventureEdit

Complete The King's Epic Adventure in its entirety

  • Gamer Score: 500
  • This automatically unlocks after loading up your game from the end credits in the Final Act.
  • The King's Epic Adventure was never finished due to lack of material and the fact that the videos were never finished.

Go the DistanceEdit

Complete The King's Epic Adventure Act III

  • Gamer Score: 250


Complete The King's Epic Adventure Act II

  • Gamer Score: 200

Eat My ShitEdit

Complete The King's Epic Adventure Act I

  • Gamer Score: 150

Who Ya Gonna Call?Edit

Complete Garterbelt's Ghost Hunt

  • Gamer Score: 300

The Mystery RoomEdit

Defeat ??? in the mystery room of the Wiseau Apartment Complex

  • Gamer Score: 350

Even Creators FallEdit

Defeat Gemini Drake

  • Gamer Score: 500
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