Ashley Audubon
"Yes... I'm Marina Audubon's little sister. Please don't judge me for being related to her."

Real Name:

Ashley Audubon


Lunarosse (2013)


East Churchill, Churchill Region

Main Weapon:




Ashley Audubon is a character in Lunarosse.

Younger sister of Marina and ship captain. People usually give Ashley a hard time because of her relationship to Marina. She's ashamed of her sister and tries hard to avoid being associated with her. She doesn't fight but maintains a ship to assist the guild on numerous occasions.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ashley has long blond hair and hazel eyes. Her in-game sprite wears a yellow tube top with red sleeves with yellow frills on the ends, a yellow skirt with brown shorts, and khaki colored moccasins. Her concept, along with her face portrait, shows her wearing a brown strap around her neck with a gold heart medal attached to it. Her original outfit was going to consist of a white peasant shirt with frills on the edges of the sleeves, a brown skirt, and knee high brown leather boots.


At first, Ashley comes off soft spoken, shy, and distant from people. However, when she's on the ship or in headquarters, she's an outgoing and lively young woman. The shy personality seems to be an act until she gets to know people for who they truly are. As much as she loves to roam the ocean, she prefers to walk on land mostly. She has a love for all animals and has converted to a vegan in support of them. She nearly faints when she meets Ouri for the first time. She has an interest in all forms of music which is probably how she was fascinated in Garrett their first meeting. According to her, his music was pretty good but she didn't like his dancing skills. When the topic of her sister, Marina, comes up, she becomes annoyed and flustered knowing people are going to make comparisons between the two. Deep down, she loves her sister, but can't find herself to support her for her misdeeds and discriminatory nature toward demi-humans.


As a ship captain, Ashley is only in charge of transporting the Mnemosyne Company from place-to-place. This mode of transportation almost becomes obsolete after recruiting Sophia, but is still needed to travel to areas not yet traveled to. She shows some magical talent being able to use the Ocean Glyphs on her life boats, considering it's supposed to be difficult to use them.


  • Ashley was based off a girl Gemini worked with that appeared shy and reserved, but was more adventurous than she let on.
  • Though it's told numerous times Ashley and Garrett once dated, it's unknown what exactly drove a wedge in their relationship to keep them from seeing each other.
  • In the extended cut's intro, one can run into Ashley in the opening sequence while playing as Tuntema in Garrett's bedroom.

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