Lunarosse tracks several achievements related to many activities such as recruiting party members and completing certain events. Completing some of them unlock grant powerful equipment rewards or other items, that can be claimed by opening a treasure chest in Rin's room in the headquarters' library. There are 30 Trophies by default, but with the DLC there are 5 additional ones. Unlike the Atrophyments from YouTube Poop RPG: The Quest For YouTube, these do not have a Gamer Score added to them.


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The following Trophies are unlocked by default:

Image Name Rin's Reward
Trophy Never Forget N/A
Gain all the trophies.
Trophy Home Sweet Home N/A
Watch the True Ending.
Trophy A Dream Worth Keeping Lunarosse Armor
Watch the Lunarosse Ending.
Trophy A Neverending Nightmare Yliandra Armor
Watch the Yliandra Ending.
Trophy Every Time You Kissed Me Saint's Cloak
Watch Gloria's Ending.
Trophy If I'm A Sinner... Corruption Shell
Watch Noel's Ending.
Trophy Friends Until The End Lunarosse Gloves
Lunarosse Helmet
Watch the Best Friends Ending.
Trophy Full House Dragon Incense x5
Recruit all 39 characters.

NOTE: Llyr and Izumi do not count toward this trophy.

Trophy Creating Hope N/A
Watch the "Revival" event.
Trophy Eyes Like The Ocean Star Robe
Watch Gloria's Level 1 Heart Event.
Trophy Light In The Dark White Tiger Armor
Watch Noel's Level 1 Heart Event.
Trophy Gentle Hands N/A
Watch the "Cliffhanger" event.
Trophy Gloria's Heart Silver White Robe
Gloria learns "Zemra Ion"
Watch Gloria's Level 3 Heart Event.
Trophy Noel's Tears Water Dragon Armor
Noel learns "Padaju Suze"
Watch Noel's Level 3 Heart Event.
Trophy Your Gentle Smile N/A
Watch the "Sacrifice" event.
Trophy Snow Flowers Crown of Destiny
Take Gloria to the Winter Solstice dance.
Trophy Where I Belong Pale Moon Casque
Take Noel to the Winter Solstice dance.
Trophy I'll Never Forget You N/A
Watch the "Identity" event.
Trophy If Ever So Humble N/A
Watch the "Homecoming" event.
Trophy You Don't Belong Here N/A
Finish the prologue.
Trophy Vicious? N/A
Complete your first mission.
Trophy Get A Room Immortal Medicine x10
Stay at Angel's inn 15 times.
Trophy Relax N/A
View all the bath scenes.
Trophy Rest In Peace Old Book Vol. 9
Find the grave of the great hero in Sherwood Village.
Trophy Endangered Species Pale Moon Leather
Defeat all 5 Rare Species.
Trophy Bonds Never Broken N/A
Give Bruce the Orichalcum.
Trophy Princess of Fate N/A
Meet the princess in the Golden Temple.
Trophy Divine Wisdom N/A
Complete the Golden Temple dungeon.
Trophy Time's Illusion N/A
Complete the Abyss of Time dungeon.
Trophy End of an Era N/A
Watch the Secret Ending.

The following are included in the DLC Chapters:

Image Name Rin's Reward
Trophy Free At Last N/A
Put an end to the slave trade.
Trophy Spuffball N/A
Cleared Naumov Island of the nightmare creatures.
Trophy False Grimoire N/A
Solve the mystery of the false Grimoire.
Trophy Inner Child N/A
Clear the anomaly in Lunarosse Castle.
Trophy Wake the Dreamer N/A
View a new ending, or a new beginning.
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